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Zapier Integration

 Managing data flow from one software to the other is difficult when done manually, especially if you want to move data in large amounts. Our team of experienced developers at Techinvento Pvt Ltd uses Zapier Integration, an app automation platform to integrate apps.

 Techinvento experts use Zapier integration to make data transfer between common database applications seamless.

Features of Zapier
HelpersPathsPaths allow you to create advanced conditional workflows to run in different situations.
FilterFilter gives first priority to your choice of work. It helps you to choose the correct option among the list. It is an optional part of zapier setting.
DelayBefore your action runs, you can hold your zap for a specified amount of time with delay feature.
The types of delay zaps are Delay for, Delay until and Delay after queue.
FormatterYou can mold the data as per your requirement in Formatter. The data might be in text, number, and other formats.
WebhooksWebhooks simply are the automated messages consist of notification that includes detailed information about new items in apps.

 When would you need our help to integrate apps? Suppose you are developing an app that suggests recipes to aspiring cooks. You had created a Google Form to get insight into what potential users of your app generally prefer. In this form, you recorded their contact information as well. You had exported this form data to Google Sheets and tucked it away for future use.

 When you launch your app’s beta version, you would want to send out personalized invites to the users who filled out your form. Techinvento experts use Zapier to offer Google Sheets to Active Campaign integration and Gmail to Active Campaign integration whereby you can export your data to Gmail or other platforms and automate the marketing of your app by sending out emails. We can even connect your app’s API and integrate it with the sheet to send out personalized messages to the users who register for your app based on the way that they filled the form.

 App integration does not stop here, though! Every kind of integration imaginable can be achieved through Techinvento’s expert Zapier Integration team. Need to export thousands of rows of Gmail data to a database? Or add a contact to a Slack workspace whenever a recruit enters their email in a Google Form? All you need to do is contact Techinvento!


  • Google Sheets    to    Active Campaign
  • Gmail    to    Active Campaign
  • Slack    to    Active Campaign
  • Mailchimp    to    Active Campaign
  • Google Calendar    to    Active Campaign
  • Trello    to    Active Campaign
  • Twitter    to    Active Campaign
  • Facebook Lead Ads    to    Active Campaign
  • Google Drive    to    Active Campaign
  • Facebook Pages    to    Active Campaign
  • Typeform    to    Active Campaign
  • ActiveCampaign    to    Active Campaign
  • Airtable    to    Active Campaign
  • ClickFunnels    to    Active Campaign
  • Google Forms    to    Active Campaign
  • HubSpot    to    Active Campaign
  • Asana    to    Active Campaign
  • Pipedrive    to    Active Campaign
  • Gravity Forms    to    Active Campaign
  • HubSpot CRM    to    Active Campaign
  • Instagram    to    Active Campaign
  • Calendly    to    Active Campaign
  • Google Contacts    to    Active Campaign
  • Buffer    to    Active Campaign
  • Drip    to    Active Campaign
  • LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms    to    Active Campaign
  • Basecamp 3    to    Active Campaign
  • Agile CRM    to    Active Campaign
  • LionDesk    to    Active Campaign
  • Insightly    to    Active Campaign
  • Streak    to    Active Campaign
  • Chatwork    to    Active Campaign
  • Google Analytics    to    Active Campaign
  • Salesforce    to    Active Campaign
  • Dropbox    to    Active Campaign
  • Stripe    to    Active Campaign
  • YouTube    to    Active Campaign
  • WordPress    to    Active Campaign
  • Todoist    to    Active Campaign
  • Discord    to    Active Campaign
  • Acuity Scheduling    to    Active Campaign
  • Shopify    to    Active Campaign
  • Evernote    to    Active Campaign
  • Twilio    to    Active Campaign
  • Infusionsoft by Keap    to    Active Campaign
  • ManyChat    to    Active Campaign
  • Microsoft Office 365    to    Active Campaign
  • Pinterest    to    Active Campaign
  • WooCommerce    to    Active Campaign
  • JotForm    to    Active Campaign
  • Wufoo    to    Active Campaign
  • Eventbrite    to    Active Campaign
  • QuickBooks Online    to    Active Campaign
  • Google Tasks    to    Active Campaign
  • Zoho CRM    to    Active Campaign
  • Intercom    to    Active Campaign
  • Squarespace    to    Active Campaign
  • Zendesk    to    Active Campaign
  • Podio    to    Active Campaign
  • Microsoft Excel    to    Active Campaign
  • ConvertKit    to    Active Campaign
  • Google Docs    to    Active Campaign
  • SurveyMonkey    to    Active Campaign
  • Toggl    to    Active Campaign
  • Wunderlist    to    Active Campaign
  • LinkedIn    to    Active Campaign
  • Xero    to    Active Campaign
  • Unbounce    to    Active Campaign
  • Microsoft Outlook    to    Active Campaign
  • Zoom    to    Active Campaign
  • Jira Software Server    to    Active Campaign
  • GitHub    to    Active Campaign
  • Teachable    to    Active Campaign
  • Cognito Forms    to    Active Campaign
  • Freshdesk    to    Active Campaign
  • ScheduleOnce    to    Active Campaign
  • Constant Contact    to    Active Campaign
  • PayPal    to    Active Campaign
  • Webflow    to    Active Campaign
  • Kajabi    to    Active Campaign
  • Smartsheet    to    Active Campaign
  • MeisterTask    to    Active Campaign
  • Wave    to    Active Campaign
  • MailerLite    to    Active Campaign
  • ClickSend SMS    to    Active Campaign
  • MySQL    to    Active Campaign
  • Pocket    to    Active Campaign
  • AWeber    to    Active Campaign
  • Sendinblue    to    Active Campaign
  • Jira Software Cloud    to    Active Campaign
  • OneDrive    to    Active Campaign
  • Copper    to    Active Campaign
  • Square    to    Active Campaign
  • Leadpages    to    Active Campaign
  • Campaign Monitor    to    Active Campaign
  • Harvest    to    Active Campaign
  • ClickUp    to    Active Campaign
  • Klaviyo    to    Active Campaign
  • Things    to    Active Campaign