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Known as an outstanding WordPress development company, Techinvento has an expert team of WordPress developers. Our experienced developers are proficient enough to make perfect use of diverse features and benefits of WordPress. Our skilled developers provide support through different communication channels named Skype, E-mail, Phone, and Zoom.

Full-Time Hiring

Under this hiring option, the WordPress Developer will become a part of your team on a full-time basis. He/She will be working as a virtual employee for you from the development center in India. The developer will be exclusively working for you.

  • The developer works for a total of 160 hours in a month (20 days a month and 8 hours per day)
  • Online timesheet is maintained. We can share it with you.
  • Developer communicates through your preferred communication channel (Email/Skype/WhatsApp/TeamViewer)

Pay as you Go Hiring

You can hire a developer for as low as 20 hours and start assigning work. A timesheet is maintained and as soon as the block hours get exhausted you buy another block. This lets you hire on-demand.

  • Online timesheet is maintained and shared with you.
  • Developer communicates through your preferred communication channel (Email/Skype/WhatsApp/TeamViewer)

Fixed Cost Hiring

If your scope of work is fixed and you know what exactly is going to match your requirements, then this option is best suited for you. You tell us the requirements and we give you the pricing and the estimated delivery timelines.

  • Scope & Price fixed before the commencement of work.
  • Change in scope of work attracts cost.