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Techinvento ERP

ERP is a Modern and responsive small Business management system. The main factor is Reliability when it comes to running a Business Management ERP Software. Any disturbance can affect your reputation. And we ‘Techinvento ERP’ completely understand this responsibility from our experience in working in this field. We know each and every detail of this respected industry.

Boost Your Business & Cut Your Cost

With the use of your personal and digital channels, your promotional spend will get optimized for your business worldwide. ERP system is integrated to give you maximum return on investment (ROI).

Acquire Visibility

With the proper visibility of sales and marketing, you continuously track the business performance and know the things work better for your business.

Create Multi-Channels

You have customer everywhere, so you need to have a simple way to connect. It doesn’t matter whether you are receiving the message via phone, chat, email, or social media. Keep track of all conversation just at one point.

Integrated Information System

Have complete information integrated just at one location? There will be no issue of data spreading with the numerous databases.

Customization & Extension

A perfect configuration and customization help to adapt the ERP as according to the way you want to manage your business and team. The custom layouts, modules, automation, and fields can be modified as per your need.


Enterprising Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management i.e. ERP system & CRM implementation give your users, specifically managers, the tools they need to create a more accurate prediction.