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Software Testing and QA Services

TechInvento offers full-cycle testing and quality assurance services for desktop and mobile applications. Expert test engineers are an integral part of every project we work on to ensure the deliverables meet the most stringent quality standards.

We also leverage our QA talent pool to provide standalone software testing services by means of custom dedicated QA teams. A dedicated team reports directly to the client, and works exclusively on a single project, closely collaborating with the client’s staff. This approach has proven very effective for mid- and long-term projects that require ultimate resource scalability and product knowledge retention.

Our Software testers’ years of experience, knowledge base, domain expertise, and proven track record support the clients for an efficient market release of the software products and reduce investment cost. Our software testers are experts and have experience in manual and automated testing for different types of software products across industry verticals. We thrive to meet the quality goals by following the standard procedures.

The quality of the developing/developed application is expected to be at the higher end leading to minimal risk and maximum impact in business. We help the applications to cross the barriers prior to its market release through Quality Assurance and Testing.

We help our clients across the industry verticals by addressing the changing technology landscape, provide a framework for testing led business transformation, and thus deploy new engagement models.

Our comprehensive and robust testing practice identifies the completeness, authenticity, and quality of the software. TechInvento helps the organizations in accelerating the time to market, release the software products that meet the customer expectations.

Our Skills & Features

We are skilled in using different testing tools and work with desktop, mobile, and web technologies. We work on most of the operating systems like MS Windows, Mac OS, UNIX, Linux, MS/DOS, Ubuntu Touch OS. And we are experts in mobile platforms- Android, iOS, and Windows.

Our Testing team are experts in manual testing with essential analytical and logical attitudes, envisage business situation on real-time, make a rational inquiry, and are enthusiastic towards projects.

We chart an excellent QA process model and an independent resource for projects. 
And, we implement proven methodologies and customized processes viz., Waterfall, Iterative, Spiral, and, Agile.

Our team uses a well-defined, no-nonsense software testing process that typically includes the following steps: