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We Offer PPC Services That Work

PPC or Pay Per Click is one of the most effective forms of online marketing as it brings instant traffic and facilitates business outreach to its customers. A PPC campaign drives targeted traffic to the business website and perks up the conversion rates for higher revenues. This paid form of online advertising is acclaimed for delivering faster results in comparison to techniques such as SEO and social media marketing. However, it requires in-depth understanding to craft a high-performance PPC campaign. From choosing the right keywords to putting them up at the right places, and making compelling landing pages, a lot is involved. At TechInvento, we offer reliable PPC Management Services in India to help your business engage its target audience and get high traffic. We make sure that every single click that you invest in drives results for your business.
Analysis & Strategy
A thorough analysis of the website, the competition, and the market is required for framing a PPC strategy that works. Our experts make sure that they carry out an in-depth study of parameters such as business goals, user metrics, and competitor strategy.
Keyword Research
Keyword research is the first step of a PPC campaign is. It involves choosing right keyword, keyword bid, competitor analysis and how many monthly searches of your business niche keyword, how many bids require on that keyword our experts provide you proper solution according to your business.
Landing Page Design and Ad Creation
Landing page development is the important process of any PPC campaign, on the basis of your landing page your Ad work on a search engine. If you’re landing page is a good possibility to get more traffic in minimum cost, our experts design your perfect landing page for Pay Per Click campaign according to your business. We will create the best suitable Ad by putting the right keyword and good quality content for PPC campaign.
Campaign Launch
We design an optimal bid strategy in minimum cost, bidding on the best keywords to get your business on the top. Additionally, we help you to create compelling copy that is optimized for display too. Our experts' team also work on campaign schedule to make sure that they run at the right time.
Audit And Analysis
A Pay per click campaign requires proactive management with constant keyword audits and data analysis. We consistently manage and optimize your campaign as a part of our PPC management.
Advanced Reporting
Another feature of an effective PPC campaign is reporting and analysis as the client is entitled to know about the value it is delivering. Our marketing expert’s team provide advanced reporting about the progress of the campaign on a periodic basis.
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Why it is important

Google Ad word helps you go on top in search engine page and generate more traffic, through your Ad quality score and bid strategy it is the fastest technique tool to get more clicks and increase ROI.